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Introducing Michelle Doles-Smith, new owner of Kitchen Solvers of Sandy Springs, Georgia!

Kitchen Solvers welcomes Michelle Doles-Smith as the new owner of Kitchen Solvers of Sandy Springs, Georgia! Michelle comes from a very diverse background with experience in running an early childhood center and healthcare and data analysis. Her dedication to her family and community, coupled with her passion to create beautiful spaces makes her the perfect business owner for Kitchen Solvers. 


Michelle has an Economics degree from OWU and a Master’s of Healthcare Administration from Mercer. She has owned and operated an early learning center business with the capacity of 210 children for 15 years. She also has 25+ years of healthcare and data analysis experience. Her experience designing and remodeling her own kitchen showed her the opportunity of using her businses background and education to start her own kitchen remodeling business. 


While Michelle isn’t working, she enjoys serving her community, spending time with family, shopping, and traveling. 

Why Kitchen Solvers 

Michelle has always had a passion to serve her community and be independent. When she decided to look for a new business opportunity, she reached out to Kathy Hylton and worked with her to find the right fit. One of her biggest goals is to obtain an excellent reputation for providing valuable and exceptional service to those in her community while living a comfortable life and doing what she loves.  

When asked, why Kitchen Solvers? Michelle replied with, “The support Kitchen Solvers offers seems exceptional and they seem to be very honest, forthwright and able to provide all of the tools for everyone to be successful. Kitchen Solvers is friendly and attentive. They provide so much useful information that it seems like you can do anything with hard work and determination.” 

Kitchen Solvers is delighted to have Michelle, along with her father, Terry Sims as part of the Kitchen Solvers family. When the team first met Michelle, there was no question that Michelle could put in the hard work a business owner has to put in to create a successful business. Coupled with the Kitchen Solvers system and Michelle’s passion for making a better community, there is no doubt Kitchen Solvers of Sandy Springs will be an incredibly run business. To learn more about Kitchen Solvers of Sandy Springs, click here


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