More than 40,000 Remodels Are Evidence of Kitchen Solvers Franchises Expertise

40,000 Remodels Are Evidence of Kitchen Solvers Franchises Expertise

30 years of cabinet refacing and kitchen remodels has given Kitchen Solvers unparalleled experience

When Kitchen Solvers started in 1982, almost nobody knew what kitchen cabinet refacing was.

Most consumers thought that if their kitchen was ugly or outdated, their only choice was to rip out the old cabinetry and start from scratch. For 30 years, we’ve been showing customers that they have options. Yes, a complete tear out and reinstallation is one way to get a beautiful kitchen — and its something that we do every day. Cabinet refacing, however can often save customer thousands of dollars while delivering the same luxury and eye-popping appeal. And because Kitchen Solvers has been building its expertise for decades, we can also offer a hybrid approach — using refacing to seamlessly tie together old and new cabinetry.

Here are some examples of the different techniques:

Complete remodel

If your old cabinets are in bad shape, or if you want to completely redesign your kitchen’s floor plan, you may need to rip out all the old cabinets and start from scratch.

A Kitchen Solvers franchise consultant can drawing upon our years of experience to offer interior design advice to a homeowner, and our computer-assisted design gives homeowners a chance to preview their kitchen’s new look.

Since Kitchen Solvers is a nationwide franchise that buys thousands of cabinets every year, we are able to get bargain pricing from suppliers. You might be surprised by how our prices for a new kitchen stack up against big box hardware stores and other competitors.

Cabinet refacing

Kitchen Solvers pioneered cabinet refacing as a less expensive way to give customers beautiful.

Think about your kitchen: the parts of your kitchen cabinets you come into contact with and that show all the wear and tear are the counters, cabinet door fronts and drawers.
The truth is, the structure and frame of a cabinet, especially if it is well made, doesn’t wear out as quickly. If you like the layout and functionality of your kitchen, replacing your entire cabinets can be an expensive mistake!
Cabinet refacing involves stripping your existing cabinets down to the frame, removing the drawers, door fronts and hinges until all you have left are your kitchen cabinet frames and boxes.
Carpenters nail and glue new, high quality furniture-grade plywood to your frames and install new cabinet doors, hinges and drawers to your existing frames. Cabinet refacing can completely transform the look of a kitchen, giving the owner a room to be proud of.

Hybrid kitchens

Sometimes, half of a kitchen will need to be redesigned completely, while the other half will just need updated cosmetics. Most kitchen remodelers would simply rip everything out and start over. Kitchen Solvers is so good at what it does, though, that we’re able to reface old cabinets to perfectly match the new ones.
By using a mix of refacing and new cabinetry, we can save customers money — or free up their budget to improve their kitchen in other ways.
Kitchen Solvers has been a kitchen remodeling expert for three decades, and we train our franchisees to be top-notch design consultants. To learn more about kitchen remodeling and how you can start a kitchen remodeling business, check out the research pages at



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