Kitchen Solvers Franchisee Interview – Brad Hulls

kitchen solvers franchisee interview brad hulls

Kitchen Solvers of Columbus

Franchise Partner: Brad Hulls

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Life before Kitchen Solvers

During his childhood Brad told his parents that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and that is just what he did. He went to Ohio State for Business and pursued a career in development and business. While in college, he opened and operated a boutique men’s clothing store for short men. He ran the store for quite some time and closed the store after 17 years. Utilizing his development experience, he later became the Advancement Director for the Salvation Army, and then joined Cedarville University for nine years as their Senior Director for Regional Advancement. As the go-getter he is, he also decided to pursue his real estate license where he flipped and renovated houses. He sold one house and decided to postpone that career for a while, but his passion for real estate and business remained.

Decision to open a Kitchen Solvers

Brad was introduced to Kitchen Solvers through a franchise consultant who evaluated his interests, personality, and passions to help him find a business that would be right for him. He wanted something that he could grow and was focused on finding a solid business rather than buying a job. Brad’s passion in real estate led him to evaluate several home service and remodeling franchise concepts to pair with his real estate license. After learning about the incredible support offered by the home office and what would soon become his fellow franchise family, his interest in Kitchen Solvers peaked. Brad attended a Discovery Day that was being hosted right before the Kitchen Solvers annual convention. He was hooked and signed agreements to become a Kitchen Solvers Franchise Partner at the convention, where he got to meet the rest of the family!

Most exciting aspect of developing a Kitchen Solvers

Brad was excited to start something that could be his own, but didn’t want to start from scratch. He knew the work that was involved with starting a business and loved the aspect of having a network of people to confide in. He hit it off with the #1 sales performers at the Kitchen Solvers Convention Discovery Day, and by way of his competitive spirit, he was encouraged to become the top sales performer. He was drawn to Kitchen Solvers because of the flexible start-up, knowing he could start big or small. He also liked that he was provided a large territory and customer base. He worked out of his home until he later grew into a showroom, which he believes was the right choice to reach his goals. He continues to hit his goals and is encouraged every day through the culture and support of the Kitchen Solvers family.

Day as a Kitchen Solvers Franchise Partner

Brad states he is not a 9 to 5 kind of guy. He describes himself as the leader and project manager of his team and only works part time to support his office staff and installers. Brad starts his day around 9 am to make sure everyone has their projects lined up for the day and will go into his office to oversee orders and communications with vendors. He enjoys networking in his community and building relationships with industry partners, but he likes that he doesn’t have to be the marketing expert because the home office provides the majority support.

Favorite part of owning a Kitchen Solvers

Brad loves the design process and seeing the enjoyment and satisfaction from his customers when showing the process from start to finish. His pride is best told in a particular story of one very customer who was in process of updating their home to sell. They previously had some bad experiences with other contractors. When they contacted Brad, they were apprehensive about doing the work, but when Brad presented the design, they didn’t hesitate to sign the contract and get started. The project was completed and when the homeowner walked in to see their new kitchen, they were overjoyed and became emotional at the sight of their gorgeous new design. They believed they would never get a better kitchen than that, so they took their house off the market and remained in their home.   

Advice for future Franchisees

While Brad believes having a construction background is helpful, he thinks the best owners understand process and have management experience. In other words, “Don’t try and reinvent the wheel and make sure to empower your team. The home office is great with marketing and if you trust in the formula, you see success.”

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