Kitchen Solvers Franchise: Life Happens in the Kitchen

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The kitchen is the most important room in the house — and one of the first places that homeowners spend remodeling dollars

Life happens in the kitchen. It is where memories are made.

The kitchen is the center of activity for family celebrations. Don’t you want these smells drifting into a beautiful room? (Photo courtesy of Joseph Zollo, via Wikimedia Commons)

Kitchen Solvers consultants listen carefully to homeowners’ desires, because we understand how much emotion can be tied into a kitchen remodel.

“You have to appreciate what a kitchen means to most people. It is the center of the home. You can’t look at it as just a job,” says John Andreas, the Kitchen Solvers franchise owner in Greer, S.C. “Every holiday, the family is gathered around the kitchen. We still tell stories about holiday meals in my family — the time mom burned the buns and smoke was everywhere and the smoke alarms all went off. It’s the most important room in the house. It’s more than just cabinets and appliances. You see that when you talk to people. They get passionate about it. They get passionate about what it is going to look like and what it’s going to be.”

Because the kitchen is the hub of activity for the entire house, it takes a beating. After a decade, cabinet doors sometimes no longer hang straight. Drawers may stick or not close properly.

Styles change, too. The fashions of the 1960s and 1970s can be jarring today. Most people no longer decorate their home to look like the 1970s, and walking from a modern living room into a 1970s-era kitchen can feel like walking through a time warp.

That’s how the Eric and Jane S. of La Crosse, Wisc., felt about their kitchen. Their 1932 home was mostly beautiful, but its 1932 kitchen was an eyesore. They called Kitchen Solvers for help. Franchisees Brian and Suzie Crowley installed some new cabinetry and refaced some old cabinets to match. The result was a complete transformation.

“It’s kind of cliché, but it does make you want to be in the room more often, Eric says. “It really does make cooking more enjoyable. The amount of functional space makes a big difference. My wife and I can both be in there and cook, and we can be doing two things at one time. It’s just a nicer area to be in.

Robert Janeiro of La Crosse also recently has his kitchen remodeled by Kitchen Solvers.

Do he and his wife Cindy use the kitchen more now?

“Oh, yeah about 100 times,” Robert says. “My wife is an accountant, and she does a lot of book work out here. We eat at the counter a lot. It keeps the house a little more organized. … We have two daughters — one out in Denver, and one in Mississippi — and there’s plenty of room for everyone when they are here with the grandkids. The 8-year-old and 9-year-old love spinning on the new bar stools. The lighting is perfect in here now, too.”

For 30 years, Kitchen Solvers has been turning kitchens into gathering places that families can enjoy. To find out how we can help, or to learn about joining the Kitchen Solvers team, visit and



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