Kitchen Solvers Franchise Buys American, Puts People to Work

Kitchen Solvers Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Solvers uses quality American-made products for kitchen remodels

Kitchen Solvers uses American manufacturers for the cabinets and refacing materials that it uses for kitchen remodels.

Kitchen Solvers franchise owners not only create jobs for themselves and their employees — they also create good paying manufacturing jobs for other Americans. That’s because Kitchen Solvers uses quality American-made cabinetry products for our kitchen remodels.

Our use of American-made products sets up apart. If you walk into a big box hardware store to shop for cabinets, you’ll see that most brands — especially the most inexpensive brands — are made in China. Chinese manufacturing has enjoyed a remarkable rise during the past 20 years, but it’s still a bit of a Wild West atmosphere over there: Companies come and go, and the manufacturer of a cabinet is often no longer in business by the time a consumer needs a replacement part.

American manufacturers typically have deep roots and are able to serve customers years after their cabinets were first purchased.

Also, thanks to Kitchen Solvers’ buying power, we are able to deliver quality, American-made cabinetry products to consumers for the price of lower-quality imported cabinets.

Here’s a look at some of our suppliers:

WalzCraft: Based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, just like Kitchen Solvers, WalzCraft has about 300 full-time employees who custom build cabinet fronts, drawers and new cabinetry for kitchen remodels. The company has about 300 full-time employees and has been in business since 1982.

WalzCraft’s outstanding cabinet parts are ideal for the high-end refacing that make up most of Kitchen Solvers’ business, and they’re one reason that our refaces look like complete remodels.

Kitchen Solvers’ nationwide operation allows us to negotiate excellent prices.

“I use WalzCraft materials, which others cannot use because they can’t afford it,” says Kansas City franchisee Dechert Sharpell, who says that being a Kitchen Solvers franchisee allows him to offer customers higher quality at a competitive price.

Bridgewood: Chanute, Kansas-based Bridgewood Custom Cabinetry has been making custom wood cabinets since 1990. It offers both high-end cabinets and more affordable lines built around the most popular wood choices and styles. In fact, new Bridgewood custom cabinets cost about the same as most imported cabinets — and are higher quality and come with better guarantees.

Northern Contours: St. Paul, Minnesota-based Northern Contours has been manufacturing wooden cabinetry, veneers and thermofoil cabinet doors since 1992. The company has six manufacturing plants total in Minnesota, Kentucky and Arizona. Kitchen Solvers orders a lot of thermofoil doors and cabinet drawer fronts from Northern Contours — they’re less expensive than doors with a wood finish, but come in hundreds of styles and can offer the beauty of wood without as much maintenance.

Kitchen Solvers works closely with American manufacturers in order to deliver great products at excellent prices to homeowners. And this is the part that surprises a lot of homeowners, and even some contractors: Thanks to our mastery of kitchen cabinet refacing, remodeling, and our close relationships with vendors, Kitchen Solvers franchises can usually deliver a beautiful remodeled kitchen for less than what it would cost a homeowner to remodel their entire kitchen — even if they used the cheapest Chinese cabinets they could find.

It’s a point of pride for us that everyone wins — homeowners save money, franchisees can offer competitive prices and American manufacturers stay healthy and keep the money flowing into their communities instead of Shenzhen.

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