Kitchen Solvers Customer Review: Karen Weber’s Old Cabinets Get an Upgrade

Kitchen Solvers Customer Review

Kitchen cabinet reface makes 1950s cabinets look, feel brand new Karen Weber had been thinking about remodeling her kitchen for two or three years before she mentioned the idea to her husband, Dale. Within a few weeks, plans were in motion to modernize the 1950s-era kitchen in the home that the couple has shared for more than 45 years in West Salem, Wisconsin. “We got estimates from two other places that were out of this world, and I came home one day and said ‘Dale, we need to call Kitchen Solvers.’” The “before” photo of a kitchen that was remodeled by Kitchen Solvers. Suzie and Brian Crowley, the local Kitchen Solvers owners in La Crosse, Wisconsin, refaced their old cabinet with new oak. How did you know about Kitchen Solvers? Dale used to work with Gerald Baldner (the founder of Kitchen Solvers), so he knew about the quality of the company’s work. How did you like working with Kitchen Solvers? It was great working with Suzie — absolutely super. We probably saved over $2,000 by going with Kitchen Solvers. We had out cabinets refaced, had new countertops put on and had a backsplash added from the cupboard down to the countertop. And we love it. What didn’t you like about the kitchen before? They were very dark, dark cabinets. The cabinets themselves, though, were made largely of heavier plywood that was put in when house was built back in the 1950s. The shelves and cabinets were so sturdy, it would have been a shame to tear them out. Suzie took a look at them and said they were still in great shape — they just needed a reface. It was just a matter of making them beautiful again. Did you enjoy the Kitchen Solvers remodeling process? What’s so nice is you can pick out your color, your design, your knobs and things. You can pick all these things out. We had never gone through that before, so it was a treat to be able to pick things out and do what we wanted to do with it, including the type of wood that you want. I’ve had our new kitchen for close to a year. Everything looks very nice — very nice. How did you feel about the people you worked with? Suzie is wonderful. She was able to help me go through all these colors and countertops — there were umpteen options. She was able to pick out what would go well with our flooring or the wood around our kitchen windows. I’m not good at figuring out how it’s going to look in the end, and she offered great advice. And her personality is just wonderful. Both she and Brian are just wonderful people. Believe it or not, this is the same kitchen, after Kitchen Solvers. How was the installation? The installation process took about three days. And the third day they were done by about 2 in the afternoon. I was still able to use the kitchen the whole time. Have you recommended Kitchen Solvers to anyone? Anybody who is interested in redoing their kitchen! I’ve sure recommended them to other people. I just think if your cupboards are nice and sturdy, I cannot see pulling out the old ones to put new ones in. Instead, people should go with something like this. I think it’s a waste to tear something out if it’s in really good shape. Why not reface? You get all new drawers, and the cabinets get new doors, so everything looks new. How much difference do the new drawers make? Oh, my, it’s unreal. They are just so nice. Our old ones you had to push or pull because they would stick. These, to open, you just use one little finger. That’s my kind of kitchen! Were there any touches that you like more than you expected? Suzie recommended slide-out shelves for my lower cabinets, which makes it much easier to get to things. She knows what she’s talking about. Kitchen Solvers is an expert in kitchen cabinet refacing, and has remodeled more than 45,000 kitchens during the past 30 years. The nationwide company, based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, has 68 franchisees that enjoy extensive training, business support and purchasing power. To learn more about Kitchen Solvers, visit


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