How Has The Kitchen Remodeling Industry Fared During COVID?

How Has The Kitchen Remodeling Industry Fared During COVID?

Except for a select lucky few, pretty much everybody has taken a financial hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately for small and medium sized-business owners, they are rarely in that select few. But how has the kitchen remodeling industry fared during the pandemic as a whole?

The Kitchen Remodeling Industry And COVID-19

It would make sense if kitchen remodeling franchises suffered during the coronavirus pandemic. In some jurisdictions, kitchen remodeling businesses have been restricted from even operating at times by government mandates. Even when they are legally allowed to operate, is there much demand for remodeling services?

However, the more you think about it, the more you begin to see reasons why there would be some demand for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and the like. Did you endure a lockdown where you live? Are you in an area that’s locked down now? Spending all that time at home can make you realize a few things. Maybe your kitchen cabinets are falling apart, maybe you hate your bathroom vanity, or maybe you are just looking for a completely different look or style. In any event, people are finding more and more reasons to remodel their homes.

How The Kitchen Remodeling Industry Works During COVID-19

We know a lot more about coronavirus now than we did back in the spring of 2020. We have observed a strong correlation between mask use and low transmission rates. At Kitchen Solvers, we’ve always taken safety very seriously, but we’ve added precautions like extra cleaning, more closed off workspaces, and our employees wearing masks. Furthermore, there’s no reason for the installation crew to be near the clients while they are working.

And we’ve only talked about kitchen remodeling jobs in homes that are inhabited. The housing market has stayed fairly strong overall and many people want to remodel their new house before they move in. The same is true for landlords who want to freshen up their unit before renting out to a new tenant. The truth is, the kitchen remodeling industry did take a hit when the pandemic began, but since then it has bounced back with a reported a 58% annual increase in project leads for home professionals.

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Now is a great time to get started in the kitchen remodeling industry. We offer the best kitchen remodeling franchises around and we’ll give you real leg-up when you get started. To learn more about us, please get in touch.


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