Home Improvement Franchise How-To: Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Countertops

Home Improvement Franchise How-To: Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Countertops

Today’s post shares 5 easy tips to help you choose the perfect kitchen countertops, courtesy of the Kitchen Solvers home improvement franchise family.

5 Countertop Selection Tips:

  • What’s your style? The most fun part of the home improvement process has to be the design phase. That’s when all your creativity comes to life and you get to pour over catalogues dreaming of the possibilities. It’s also when you identify your style and start to determine the character of the room.Our home improvement franchise’s extensive catalogue of countertops lets you create any style imaginable. Perhaps you’ll use granite or butcher block for a natural and rustic look, or lay down marble counters to create an elegant aesthetic.Whatever you do, make sure you decide on your countertop style early! Even cabinets can be refaced and repainted, but changing countertops after the fact to create a new look isn’t easy.If you’re struggling to decide on a design, consider working with our home improvement franchise. Nobody can prescribe you a style, but we can help you pinpoint your likes and dislikes! Give us a call and have a design consultant guide you through our exclusive vendor catalogues.
  • Factor your kitchen habits into the equation. Before you make any drastic decisions about your kitchen countertop material, think practically about your kitchen habits. Is your kitchen Iron Chef Arena every night–hot pots clanging, sauce splattering, and amateur sous chefs scrambling all in the name of a great meal? The right countertops for “heavy kitchen users” like this will be different from those who rarely use the space for more than a drink-stop on the way to the dining room. Likewise, diligent cleaners can get away with certain looks that the laissez-faire crowd cannot.Every material has strengths and weaknesses. Some definitely hold up better to heavy use than others.
    Tile is quite durable, but unsealed grout stains easily. Laminate is not as durable as natural stone. And while granite is extremely popular right now, it does require sealing, which means it won’t be as strong as engineered stone. Marble doesn’t do well with stains, even sealed, and it scratches rather easily, making it more suited to “light kitchen users.”If you need an expert opinion, our home improvement franchise can help you determine which countertops fit your lifestyle.
  • What is your installation timeline? Not all countertops are created equal, and the same is true of countertop installation times. Heavier materials may require additional time due to shipping and transportation constraints. Custom countertops will obviously take longer than classic “stock” options chosen from our preferred vendor catalogues. Accordingly, you’ll need to consider how much time you have to work with before making your final decision. Our home improvement franchise prides itself on fast service, transparent communication, and accurate timeline estimates, so you can always make an informed choice.
  • Consider maintenance costs. Certain countertops seem like a bargain or a must-have until you factor in the time and money required for maintenance. Some countertops require regular sealing treatments in order to fight stains and harmful bacteria. Granite may not be the best option for you if you’re not willing to invest in maintenance. Likewise, marble can scratch easily, so it might not be ideal for those who want lower maintenance options.
  • Find something budget-friendly. Laminate is usually the most affordable option, while marble, stainless steel, and concrete run on the pricier side. Granite and quartz tend to lie somewhere in the middle, but again, maintenance costs need to be considered. For a full breakdown of countertop costs, as well as a look at affordable material “mimicry” options, get in touch with a representative from our home improvement franchise near you.

Find more countertop selection tips and explore our catalogue at https://kitchensolversfranchise.com/.



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