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Competitive Benchmarking: How To Evaluate Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Franchise Opportunities

Today’s post explains how to use the process of “competitive benchmarking” to help evaluate kitchen cabinet refacing franchise opportunities.

Using Competitive Benchmarking To Evaluate Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Franchise Opportunities

The term “benchmarking” originates in the field of land-surveying where it is used to refer to the practice of comparing elevations. But today the term has been co-opted by the business world.

Brand Watch defines “competitive benchmarking” as the process of comparing your company against a number of competitors using a set collection of metrics. Importantly, this process also involves looking at the practice behind each metric to highlight best industry practices and promote their adoption.

In simpler terms, competitive benchmarking is about measuring yourself against the best to highlight areas of improvement, opportunities, and strengths. And you don’t need to already be in business to benefit from competitive benchmarking analyses; they’re also great for evaluating potential investments. When evaluating kitchen cabinet refacing franchise opportunities, you would first identify business practices being used by the best companies in the industry, then use these benchmarks to assess the strengths and weaknesses of whatever offer crosses your desk.

Creating Quality Benchmarks With Kitchen Solvers

If you’re looking to create a set of quality benchmarks to measure potential offers against, you can’t go wrong with Kitchen Solvers. Our kitchen cabinet refacing franchise has been around since 1984. In our nearly 40 years of business, we’ve helped hundreds of investors turn kitchen cabinet refacing franchise opportunities into successful companies.

These are just a few of the best practices that took us to the top, and which you can use as benchmarks in your kitchen cabinet refacing franchise opportunity evaluation:

  • Diverse product and service offerings. In the investing world, diversifying your investment portfolio can mitigate the risk of market unpredictability and put you in position to capitalize on more opportunities. Similarly, diversifying your kitchen remodeling company’s offerings gets you greater market share and makes specific product or service demand drop-offs less devastating. Kitchen Solvers offers countertops, backsplashes, flooring, lighting, storage solutions, cabinets, and more, and your chosen company should too!

  • Comprehensive training; responsive support. One of the ways Kitchen Solvers helps franchisees gain and maintain competitive advantage is via our industry leading training and support program. All franchisees work from the same expert knowledge base, with training laid out to cover everything from website management and sales closing techniques to hands-on cabinet installation. Moreover, various forms of support are available for all franchisees, from phone and online services to on-site, in-person coaching. Make sure your kitchen cabinet refacing franchise opportunity offers something similar.

  • Robust web presence and online assets. In 2020, maintaining a strong online presence and positive reputation are key. All Kitchen Solvers franchisees benefit from our national brand reputation, which has been earned over nearly 40 years and thousands of jobs-well-done. Moreover, both our website and national online reputation is stellar (for example, we’ve got an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and 5-star ratings on various third-party review sites), and we stay active on social media. All franchisees get access to our proprietary software and full training in web site management and social media marketing.

Find More Benchmarks Or Book A Free Kitchen Solvers Consultation

Want some more benchmark inspiration for your research? Or maybe you’re interested in a Kitchen Solvers opportunity near you?

Visit the Kitchen Solvers franchise website to learn more about our opportunity, investment, and training/support resources. Alternatively, you can call 888-484-8468 to speak directly with a representative.


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