Choose the Right Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Franchise: Top 3 Research Tips

Choose the Right Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Franchise: Top 3 Research Tips

Today’s post shares 3 smart tips to help you complete your due diligence while researching bath and kitchen remodeling franchises.

Walk a mile in the customers’ shoes

One of the best ways to evaluate the potential profitability of a bath and kitchen remodeling franchise is to try to see the business from the customer’s point of view.

But don’t worry: you don’t need to commit to a big-ticket bath or kitchen overhaul to get a feel for the customer experience. What we’re suggesting costs nothing besides a few minutes of your day. And it could save you thousands by helping you dodge a bad business bullet.

It takes no time at all for a customer to form an opinion about your business–in most cases, they’ll know whether they want to work with you within seconds of calling or landing on your website. And that’s all the time you need for this research tip!

Visit your chosen bath and kitchen remodeling franchise’s website as though you were a customer, then let your intuition do the work. What do you see?

Does the website look good?

Is the branding clear and consistent?

Is the layout easy to navigate?

Is contact information readily available?

Is there enough information to make a purchase decision? Are there helpful videos, links, and blogs on-site?

Are there online booking tools/contact forms to use?

Is there a one-click phone call option?

If you had any trouble finding contact details, product info, or booking tools, consider this “strike one” for your chosen bath and kitchen remodeling franchise.

Without these features, the franchisor is placing barriers between you and potential clients. In 2019, strong web assets are a critical part of every business, which is why Kitchen Solvers has built such a great web presence.

But don’t stop with the website. Give the franchise a call or request additional information using the call-to-action you find on-site (and again, if you struggle to locate these, that’s a problem!). This will give you tremendous insight into what your customers go through, and help you spot any potential weaknesses in the sales cycle.

Assess media coverage on the brand

Most of the time, having the media talking about your business is a major plus. It gives your brand a visibility boost and also gives your company added credibility. Bad press is the exception.

Look for any mention of your chosen brand in the newspapers and other local media outlets. This kind of media coverage is 100% objective–which is something that most brand websites cannot say.

Kitchen Solvers is a trusted business with established brand recognition, as evidenced by heaps of favorable media coverage. Our bath and kitchen remodeling franchise has appeared in Entrepreneur magazine, Small Business Trends’ top-20 list of home improvement franchise opportunities, the La Crosse Tribune, and many other major publications across the country.

Evaluate the support systems

One of the chief benefits of buying a bath and kitchen remodeling franchise is that you get access to proven training and support systems, while the competition has to fend for themselves and learn the same lessons via costly trial-and-error.

As such, before you sign the Franchise Agreement, you’d better be sure those training and support systems are worthwhile.

Don’t be afraid to ask the franchisor or franchise representative flat-out. The best companies will be thrilled to tell you about their support systems because they’ve invested so much in developing them.

Does training and support have an “expiry date”? Some systems only help you through the opening phase. Does the program include everything you need to know, or does the franchisor expect you to come in with some preexisting knowledge? What kind of support can you expect? Are on-site coaching visits and troubleshooting services offered, or are you simply directed towards a dusty old training manual?

Don’t settle for second rate training and support. Complete training and support systems are out there!

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