5 Countertop Tips for a Pleasant Remodeling Experience

5 Countertop Tips for a Pleasant Remodeling Experience Today’s post brings you 5 countertop installation tips for a “Pleasant Remodeling Experience,” courtesy of the Kitchen Solvers team.

  • Schedule your countertop installation appropriately. Countertops are usually installed after flooring, cabinets, and major appliances have been completed–but before plumbing fixtures have been finished (unless you’re using an apron or farmhouse sink). Make sure you schedule the installation appropriately to avoid unwanted headaches and backtracking. Do not paint, tile, or wallpaper areas above the countertops prior to installation!
  • Accept seams. Due to slab sizes and the variations in kitchen layouts, seams are almost always required. Discuss seam placement with your contractor or countertop franchise beforehand.
  • Find countertops that fit your lifestyle and preferences. Scratches tend to be more visible with dark colors. If you love rich colors but don’t want visible scratches, finding a pattern can help hide any wear and tear while still giving you that bold look.
  • Measure carefully before placing your order. Make a sketch of the space, then measure exact lengths from the back walls to the edge of each run of cabinets. Add an extra ¾” to the length of each section to allow for overhangs. Allow 1” to protrude into a freestanding range–you can trim this off later for a perfect fit (but you can’t add extra length later!). For the final measure, make sure you have your sink, faucets, soap pumps, and cooktops on hand–this is essential for the installers to make the proper cuts or your countertop.
  • Prepare the area for installation. Even if you don’t intend to get hands-on with your installation, you can help your contractor or countertop franchise out by prepping the workspace. That means clearing it entirely. Put away all surface level utensils, such as coffee makers, blenders, and toasters, along with any plants, decorative items, or breakables. Open a window to increase airflow into the kitchen. It’s also a good idea to cover doorways and vents with plastic sheeting so that dust is contained in the construction area. Countertop installations can get messy (but don’t worry–our countertop franchise will clean up after themselves!).Before the work crew arrives, you should also ensure any existing fixtures are disconnected and removed. This will greatly speed up the process.Finally, make sure you create pathways free of obstructions, both indoors and outside, to allow installers to move freely and carry countertops into your home. This includes removing any artwork from the walls in the hallways.

Kitchen Solver’s: More than a Countertop Franchise

Today’s remodeling tips were brought to you by Kitchen Solvers. Founded in 1982 as a home-based business, we have been on the frontline of the kitchen remodeling industry for 35+ years. In that time, we have brought our Pleasant Remodeling Experience to more than 45,000 homes. Many of these remodels required our countertop expertise–we guide clients from the initial selection, acting as design consultants, then change hats to complete their professional installation. But Kitchen Solvers is more than a countertop franchise. We can also help you with:

If you want to turn any other part of your kitchen overhaul into a “Pleasant Remodeling Experience,” get in touch with a Kitchen Solver’s franchise near you.


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