4 Tips For Starting A Cabinet Business

4 Tips For Starting A Cabinet Business


Want to start a cabinet business? If you’re reading this blog, you probably have some interest in cabinetry and/or remodeling. Here are four tips for how to start a cabinet business.

How To Start A Cabinet Business – Tip 1: Consider What Applicable Experience You Have.

A lot of people who want to start a cabinet business have already done some handywork. Have you built or installed cabinets before? Worked remodeling or renovation jobs? Do you have some experience with carpentry, construction, or a similar trade? If not, don’t despair; do research. Read about cabinet businesses, watch some videos online, and see if this the type of work for which you could develop an aptitude. Furthermore, consider what business experience you have had. Have you managed a business before? Managed a staff? Been self-employed? These are skills that can help you going forward.

How To Start A Cabinet Business – Tip 2: Investigate Your Franchising Options.

Starting your own wholly independent cabinet business might be a more romantic notion, but it’s not very practical. You have to learn everything about running a cabinet business on the job. There is no template for what works nor is there a safety net. And how will you convince potential clients to hire you? You’re an unknown. By buying a cabinet/remodeling franchise, you get a brand name, guidance, training, and marketing support.

How To Start A Cabinet Business – Tip 3: Make Sure Your Finances In Order.

Another great thing about buying a cabinet or remodeling business is that they are relatively inexpensive franchises to buy. You can buy and start a cabinet franchise for around $100,000. You don’t need a large staff or a showroom to be successful (though those things can help) which means you can really cut down on overhead costs. Even so, a hundred grand is not pocket change. How much liquid capital do you have? What’s your net worth? What’s your credit rating? It might make sense for you to wait a few years to build up your assets before you start a cabinet business.

How To Start A Cabinet Business – Tip 4: Identify The Right Cabinet Franchisor.

Earlier we discussed the benefits of buying a cabinet franchise relative to starting an independent cabinet business. But those benefits only hold true if you buy from the right cabinet franchisor. You want to work with a cabinet franchisor with clearly laid out financial requirements, who offers initial training as well as ongoing support, and who will allocate to you a well-defined and exclusive territory.

Kitchen Solvers Franchise

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