3 Ways to Help You Vet Prospective Cabinet Refacing Business Franchises

3 Ways to Help You Vet Prospective Cabinet Refacing Business Franchises

Have you decided that it is time to treat your kitchen to a face lift? It may surprise some to learn that homeowners who are unhappy with their current kitchen’s condition are everywhere. Though the kitchen is the nucleus of the nuclear family, and one of the chief selling points home buyers will be looking for during their courting process, many buyers end up settling for a home with a kitchen whose style and structure fail to meet their needs. This scenario has played out countless times over the years, but fortunately its familiarity has driven up a market demand for kitchen remodeling services. One of the most cost-effective way of transforming your kitchen is to invest in a simple cabinet refacing service. Kitchen Solvers franchise is one of the premiere kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing franchises in the industry, and are currently enjoying their fourth decade of prosperity due to the common problem of unsatisfactory kitchen standards faced by new and old homeowners alike. If you are looking for proactive solutions to your kitchen frustrations, then seeking out Kitchen Solvers franchisees for a cabinet refacing is an excellent first step. If you live in an area bereft of Kitchen Solvers experts, or are leery of hiring on outside help after having been burned by an unscrupulous contractor in the past, then the following tips on vetting high-quality kitchen remodelers are for you!

Research your local market.

Conducting market research may seem like a tall task for any industry-outsiders and technologically-limited readers, but if you were able to locate this blog with a simple online search, then you will have no difficult conducting thorough and useful local market research. Run some simple background checks on your chosen kitchen remodeling companies, leaning heavily on keywords such as “reviews,” “testimonials,” and “rating.” A number of archival websites filled with user reviews exist today, and they are an invaluable resource when it comes to finding the right cabinet refacing business.

Beyond these simple Google searches, try calling up your chosen companies and speaking to staff members. You should expect a certain standard of customer service that includes a pleasant demeanor, professional phone etiquette, and helpful disposition. If you find your questions are met with reluctant answers or a negative attitude, you can strike another name from your list of potential cabinet refacing businesses.

Gauge their experience level.

When conducting your market research, keep tabs on how many reviews you are finding for each prospective company. More reviews often means more experience, and you do not want to trust your home’s most important room to any novices. Try to locate a company that has been in business for over 5 years, and pay special attention to those who have thrived for over 5 years despite having high-quality competition located within a reasonable distance. This indicates that the company is an excellent service provider. Kitchen Solvers franchises represent the gold standard in this category, having been gainfully employed for almost four decades, leaving countless positive reviews and re-imagined kitchen spaces in their wake.

Ask them for advice.

One of the cornerstones of a successful cabinet refacing business is their workers’ ability to collaborate with the homeowner to find the style, design, and building materials that are perfectly suited to the homeowner’s tastes. Kitchen Solvers franchisees embrace the collaborative process, often growing close with their clients as their expertise, patience, helpfulness, and attention to detail is made readily apparent and met with sincere gratitude. If you ask your prospective remodeling company for advice and are met with terse replies or vague information, you should take it as a warning sign of poor service.

As you can see, there are a number of salient factors to consider when deciding who to trust your kitchen remodel to. If you want to save yourself the trouble of working through an exhaustive vetting process, know that the Kitchen Solvers brand has been a constant representation of high-quality customer care and cabinet refacing expertise for nearly four decades. Call (866-604-0002) Kitchen Solvers today!


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