3 Ways Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Franchises Appeal To Millennial Consumers

3 ways kitchen cabinet refacing franchises appeal to millennial consumers

Today’s post discusses what makes the Millennial homebuyer boom such great news for kitchen cabinet refacing franchises. Read on to learn 3 things Millennials consumers love about Kitchen Solvers!

Millennial Home Buyer Trends Favorable For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Franchises

According to a report by Realtor.com, Millennials will fuel the 2020 housing market. Despite a slow start, large cohorts of Millennials, who turn 24 to 39 in 2020, are now expected to either buy their first starter homes or decamp from city to suburb and “trade up.” Altogether, Millennials will be taking on more than half of all mortgages this year, outnumbering Generation X and Baby Boomers combined.

Researchers suspect that the upswing in Millennial home buyers is fueled in part by the forecast for low interest and mortgage rates, as well as a flattened home price growth rate. Additionally, 4.8 million Millennials turn 30 this year, putting them at an age where many people purchase their first homes; meanwhile, the eldest of the Millennials will turn 39, which is a point where many people look to move from the city to family-friendly suburban homes.

Whatever the reason, though, one thing is certain: it’s a good time to run a kitchen cabinet refacing franchise. That’s because our products and services are perfect for this cohort, whether they’re buying their starter home or upgrading. Let’s discuss a few reasons why.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Franchises Built For Millennial Buyers

Kitchen Solvers works with a considerable number of Millennial homeowners each year. Here’s a few reasons why our kitchen cabinet refacing franchise has proven so popular among this growing consumer cohort:

1. Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Franchises Offer More “Small Ticket” Service

Money matters for everyone, but budgets can get particularly tight for Millennials moving into their first starter home. As such, it’s relatively rare for younger Millennial buyers to be investing in big-ticket home additions and remodeling jobs at this stage. But that doesn’t mean remodeling is off the table altogether–just that it needs to fit the budget.

Kitchen Solvers offers plenty of “smaller ticket” items and services that make a big difference in the home without breaking the bank. Cabinet refacing is the perfect example, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Our cabinet refacing franchise model includes a wide variety of big and small-ticket products and services so that owners can maximize their profits and help as many people as possible.

Cost-effective services are also very popular among the older Millennial crowds moving to the suburbs. For example, cabinet refacing is a great way to add value to your city starter home before putting it on the market.

2.   Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Franchises Are Environmentally Friendly

In 2020, Millennial consumers have made it very clear that they care about the planet. Some consumers consciously avoid working with companies that don’t offer eco-friendly products or services, while others happily pay premiums to make sure they get them.

Cabinet refacing is inherently eco-friendly since it’s all about reusing, recycling, and reducing waste. But that’s not the only thing we’re doing to help the environment. We offer a number of eco-friendly products and sustainably sourced materials that will drive Millennial business to you.

3.   Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Franchises Offer More Retro Looks And Funky Styles

Millennial homeowners are getting quite imaginative with their interior design. Retro looks, hyper-modern minimalism, and funky post-modern chic are all popular angles being taken by this cohort–and we’ve got a huge catalog of budget-friendly options to satisfy this generation’s unique design tastes.

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