10 Profitable Home-Based Business Franchises To Consider In 2023

10 Profitable Home-Based Business Franchises to Consider in 2023

Discover ten types of home-based business franchises you can buy in 2023 and start yourself on your journey to being your own boss of a lucrative business.

What Is A Home-Based Business Franchise?

A home-based business is any business you can operate out of your own home. Rather than having a retail store or restaurant where customers come to you, or having an office where you go to work for customers, you can operate out of your own home. This can mean you do the work in your own home, or you go to where your customers are and provide them a service.

A franchised business has several different locations that are owned and independently operated by the franchise partners, or franchisees. The franchisors sell the rights to these businesses to franchisees, teach them how to operate them, offer marketing support and guidance, and let them use their brand name. Franchised businesses typically find new customers much more easily than completely independent businesses and they can benefit from key industry connections.

10 Profitable Types Of Home-Based Business Franchises

Here are some of the best home-based franchised businesses to consider:

1. Home Renovation

Home renovation is always a fairly strong industry. People will always want to improve their homes, either to enjoy them themselves or for sale. Home renovation can take many forms, from knocking down walls to replacing cabinetry.

2. House Painting

House painting is a form of home improvement that doesn’t require a large staff. While you don’t need heavy machinery, it can be tricky transporting a lot of paint and tools.

3. Private Tutoring

You can use the guidebooks and teaching materials from a tutoring company to teach pupils in your home. These businesses are difficult, though, if you don’t have any previous expertise in the subjects you tutor.

4. Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are the most remodeled rooms in the house due to heavy use. This business model can be lucrative because you do not need to do many kitchens to be profitable. However, it is also a business you will likely not be able to do alone. At least one other employee will be required.

5. Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are right behind kitchens in terms of how often they’re remodeled.

6. Windshield Replacement And Repair

You can travel to clients and replace their cracked windshields. However, you need access to a warehouse of auto glass.

7. Home Cleaning

You can travel to customers’ homes and clean them for them and provide maid services.

8. Commercial Cleaning

You can also clean commercial spaces, though this may require more supplies and equipment.

9. Cabinet Installation And Refacing

Cabinet refacing and installation is some of the simplest and cleanest home renovation you can do. With a franchisor who can connect you to suppliers with the best designs and cabinetry, you can really wow customers.

10. Kitchen Solvers

Kitchen Solvers is a home renovating, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and cabinet installing juggernaut. To learn more, please contact us.


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