What Sets Kitchen Solvers Franchises Apart?


With fewer people able to afford buying a new home, many are opting for remodeling instead. For the past few years, remodeling spending has grown by double digit percentage points according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard. And, this trend shows no signs of slowing down. With home improvement and remodeling so popular, there are a number of franchises popping up. There also has never been a better time to become a franchisee. However, before you get started, you must do your research. This article will present the case for what sets Kitchen Solvers franchises apart.

What Is Kitchen Solvers?

Before we get into what sets Kitchen Solvers franchises apart, let’s first find out what Kitchen Solvers is. Cabinet refacing, kitchen design consultation, and kitchen cabinet remodeling are what Kitchen Solvers franchises specialize in. However, owners handle every sort of kitchen remodeling job.

When Kitchen Solvers started more than three decades ago, we pioneered top quality cabinet refacing. At a much lower cost, refacing offers customers a custom kitchen cabinet upgrade. Plus, franchise owners are able to handle a larger volume of work, since these jobs are less labor intensive.

Kitchen Solvers is based in La Crosse, Wisconsin and has an international franchise system.

Kitchen Solvers Franchises’ Benefits

Business management, extensive sales training, software training, and marketing support and market research are among the benefits that set the preparation process for Kitchen Solvers franchises apart. After about two weeks of training, most franchise systems let the new owners loose. All they give them are some operations manuals, a quick rundown of the business, and a pat on the back. Kitchen Solvers wants to set owners up to succeed. This takes time.

Before a franchise even opens, Kitchen Solvers offers two months of training. We take an individualized approach that recognizes that franchisees have different weaknesses and strengths. For example, we can work with you on your sales techniques if you happen to be an expert craftsman who does not have sales experience. On the other hand, our training will focus on personnel management and business operations if you do not have a lot of management experience.

One aspect that everyone could use some more training on is sales. Sales skills are at the heart of any successful franchise. And, Kitchen Solvers franchises are trained to succeed at this. Delivering consumers an experience that puts them at ease is essential to converting sales. The prospect of a kitchen remodel is daunting to many clients. Kitchen Solvers give franchise owners the tools they need to build trust with customers.

Proprietary Software

To more efficiently gauge advertising success and manage sales and marketing, Kitchen Solvers franchises have access to special business management software. Since Kitchen Solvers first implemented the platform about a year ago, it has helped franchisees make more sales. Some of the advantages provided by the software include:

•    Performance Tracking – The software allows users to track the movement of clients through the sales funnel and gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Franchise owners can simply determine where they can improve by reviewing the data.

•    Customer Communications Improvements – Kitchen Solvers franchises can use the platform from FranConnect to follow potential customers through the entire process from prospect to repeat customer. A record of every communication with each individual client will also be available to franchise owners. To avoid missing a possible sale or dropping the ball, every contractorneeds to track customer communications.

•    Idea Sharing – The sharing of best practices and ideas among Kitchen Solvers franchises is already encouraged. This new software just makes it easier. Through online forums, franchisees have a support system for tapping into each other’s areas of expertise, marketing materials, training documents, and downloadable forms.

•    Direct Marketing–The process of adding consumers to marketing databases is automated and signing clients up for email newsletters is made simple with this software. Target direct mail campaigns can also be created by Kitchen Solvers franchises. This makes it easier to make offers to existing customers while reaching new ones.

Part of the training process involves learning how to take advantage of these tools.

Low Cost Franchising

Another feature that sets Kitchen Solvers Franchises apart is how inexpensive it is to get started. Many other home improvement franchises require an initial franchising fee of $100,000 or more, plus there are a lot of other hidden fees to go along with that. With Kitchen Solvers, the initial franchising fee is only $20,000.

Sure, there are other startup costs that you need to be ready for, but it should not cost you more than $80,000 to start. And, some franchises hit the ground running with just $40,000 total invested. Kitchen Solvers also offers an array of financing solutions. In general, $30,000 in cash is all you will need to start a Kitchen Solvers franchise.

Kitchen Solvers’ Unique Approach

One of the first things you often hear a kitchen remodeler ask a potential client is what their budget is. This is a big mistake in our opinion. Kitchen remodeling is intimidating for a lot of homeowners, since they will likely only remodel their kitchen once or twice over the course of their life. They do not know how expensive they should expect their many options to be. They just want their kitchen to be gorgeous and not to be overcharged.

Kitchen Solvers believes in educating clients about the remodeling options that are available to them. With this consultative approach, we ask questions about the kitchen, the family, and their likes and dislikes. Since, as mentioned above, trust leads to sales, we build trusting bonds with customers by giving them control and knowledge.

As you can see, Kitchen Solvers franchises are different from other home improvement franchises in that they are less expensive, involve extensive training, include helpful software for increasing sales, and treat customers with care and respect. With quality, success soon follows. That is why Kitchen Solver franchises are on the rise and those who own them are experiencing unparalleled success.

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