Tips on a Kitchen Remodel From Kitchen Solvers Franchise

A Few Final Thoughts

Tips on a Kitchen Remodel From Kitchen Solvers Franchise

Choosing a new kitchen is tough enough, let alone deciding on the company to handle the remodeling work. The number of choices you have can make things really confusing. Especially when every salesperson is claiming that their work, products and service are the best. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, and you are the one who has to cut through the hype and choose what is right for you and your family. Below are a few no-nonsense suggestions on how to make the selection process easier and your decision correct:

1. THINK ABOUT IT. It’s a decision, and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Remember the things you want for you and your family. Superior craftsmanship for lasting value, quality materials, and a remodeler willing to listen to you and then provide for your specific remodeling needs.

2. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Study the literature on how the doors and drawer fronts are constructed. Ask questions. Are the doors and drawer fronts real wood and not veneer or particle board? What about the finishing process the manufacturer uses? Do they provide a guarantee on materials and labor? How long does installation take? “Will you devote all of your time and efforts to my kitchen or do you have multiple remodeling projects going on simultaneously?”

3. SEE FOR YOURSELF. Brochures are beautiful, but ask the remodeler to provide you with pictures of his finished work. Ask for samples of materials; i.e. doors and drawer front samples, and samples of the refacing material. Evaluate the salespersons personal appearance. Is the salesperson dressed appropriately, well groomed, etc.? Try and evaluate the level of his expertise. Is he a good communicator and is he a good listener? Choose a remodeler that is sincere about providing you with what you need and not what he wants to sell you.

4. TAKE A CLOSE LOOK. All newly refacied kitchens look good on the surface, but look deeper. Lift the doors and drawer fronts. Do they have the weight and density of solid wood. Ask if the salesperson has a cross-section of a door so you can see first hand if its solid wood. Look closely at the finish. Do you see any flaws? Run your hand over the door to get a feel for how hard the finish really is. Take a close look at the hinges and decorative handles. Arrange a time to see a past customer’s kitchen.

5. PICK UP THE PHONE. If the remodeler is part of a franchise system, call the home office for a reference. Ask about the level of  provided to the franchise owner. Has he been properly trained in installation and product knowledge? Ask about the warranty on installation and product. Use the home office to gather information about the franchise owner.

6. ASK OTHER CUSTOMERS. Ask the salesperson for a list of customers. Use them as a reference. Ask the customers if they were pleased with the quality of the materials and workmanship. Was the remodeler courteous and helpful in addressing questions or concerns? Ask past customers how the service was after the sale.

7. DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS. Cutting corners might save a few dollars up front, but it costs you in the long run in service, performance and resale value of the home. Accepting the lowest bid doesn’t necessarily mean you are receiving the best value. Be open to paying more for superior quality. It will pay off in the long term.

8. CHOICE. There are a number of remodeling options to consider. If you’re priority is to completely change the design and layout of your kitchen, then cabinet refacing may not be the best remodeling option. New cabinetry may be the route to take. On the contrary, if you are pleased with the functionality of your kitchen but loathe the way it looks, cabinet refacing is a perfect alternative. Having a variety of options gives you an opportunity to purchase the services that best suit your individual needs.


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