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Introducing Juan Varon, new owner of Kitchen Solvers of North Raleigh, North Carolina!

Juan Varon Owner of Kitchen Solvers of North Raleigh

Kitchen Solvers is pleased to announce Juan Varon, joining the Kitchen Solvers family as the owner of Kitchen Solvers of North Raleigh, NC. Juan was born in South America in a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. After college, he started his career in marketing and communications. He also has flipped houses in his “spare” time and going through the renovation of these properties has sparked his passion for this industry. With Juan’s background in business and renovation, he is the perfect Kitchen Solvers owner and the Home Office Team is excited to support his journey to building his legacy. 


Juan was born into a family of entrepreneurs and business owners in the city of Bogota, Colombia. He went to college and started his career in marketing and communications in the early 2000s. He started as a marketing intern, worked his way up to Marketing Coordinator, and eventually managed a team of 16 team members. His experience sparked his interest in the technology aspect of marketing, which eventually brought him to the United States to increase his knowledge in interactive media and advertising.  

His second bachelor’s degree accompanied with his marketing background opened a door of opportunity with The American Board of Anesthesiology as their Creative Strategy Manager. In this role his team managed all the marketing, advertising, communications, websites, apps, educational materials and the certifying assets for the board exams. This nationwide engagement with anesthesiologists across the country shaped his perspective in multiple ways on communicating with different audiences and utilizing the most efficient techniques to support them by applying technology to their continuing learning experience.  

In the last 5 years, while in this role, he also acquired and managed 3 franchises (including Kitchen Solvers) and flipped 5 properties with his wife, Sarah. The process of renovating and selling properties became something him and Sarah really started to enjoy and was one of the biggest driving factors of them joining the Kitchen Solvers family. 


Juan really enjoys working in the design side on the properties he remodels. He also enjoys playing tennis and soccer and traveling. Both him and his wife really enjoy visiting new places, trying new foods, and exploring new areas. 

Why Kitchen Solvers 

During the search for a new franchise/business opportunity, Juan came across Kitchen Solvers. With Juan’s creativity and experience managing a team, and other businesses, coupled with his passion for renovation, Kitchen Solvers was the perfect fit. Being a business owner is part of his DNA and he grew up with multiple business owners and entrepreneurs.  

Juan states, “Having the systems in place, a team to support us during the process, and a more flexible and open-minded franchise set Kitchen Solvers apart.” 

With Juan’s drive, work ethic, and experience, Kitchen Solvers of North Raleigh is bound to be a successful Kitchen Solvers location. The Kitchen Solvers family is happy to have Juan join them! To learn more about Kitchen Solvers of North Raleigh, click here



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