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Introducing Richar Cifuentes, new owner of Kitchen Solvers of North Miami!

Kitchen Solvers of North MiamiRichar Cifuentes is the new owner of Kitchen Solvers of North Miami. Richar, his wife Paola, his son Nikolas, and his lead Project Manager, Mauricio Lopez are ready to serve the North Miami area with the pleasant remodeling experience. Their dedication to their clients and motivation to create a hardworking, professional team with the same values will drive the North Miami team to success.


Richar comes from an industrial engineer background, specializing in finance after graduating with his Master of Business Administration. He has almost 30 years of experience in national and multinational companies in Colombia, focused on the services and telecommunications sector. 


During his spare time, Richar is passionate about playing tennis, biking, spending time with his family, exploring new places, and being in a constant state of personal and professional learning. 

Why Kitchen Solvers

After spending almost 30 years as an employee in large global companies, where he developed professionally, Richar decided that it was time to take advantage of the experience and enhance it by putting it into his own business practice. He is excited for the opportunity to manage his own time and have a better quality of life for himself and his family.

In Richar’s eyes, the key to success is making his clients the highest priority. He informed the Home Office team that he would always make sure to put the client at the center of all decisions and is looking forward to being able to offer exceptional service and the highest quality products. He’s empowered by the thought of having a self-sufficient, energetic, high-performing team that is prepared and motivated to carry out day-to-day operations and provide the most pleasant remodeling experience. 

When Richar was searching for the right opportunity, he started to discover he was intrigued by the concept of remodeling. With Kitchen Solvers’ long history in the market and their methodology and structure of their organization, he found the concept met everything he was looking for. He said the final decision came down to meeting the Home Office team, who from the beginning showed they were very supportive in every aspect of the process. Richar states, “Having the entire Kitchen Solvers Home Office Team available has been a great experience. Having continuous and direct communication, along with always being attentive and open to teaching us and giving us all their support has been impressive.”

Richar is most looking forward to reaching clients demands with excellent service and the highest levels of quality. He informed the team he’s really excited to start turning the kitchen into the best place in his clients’ homes. He also wants to be sure to focus on creating a great team that he can use as a lever for growth and work to achieve a solid and successful business.

With Richar’s business background, attention to detail, and dedicated commitment to his clients, he fits right into the Kitchen Solvers family. The team knows he will thrive in the North Miami market and create beautiful kitchens, while providing the best possible service. His core values are right in line with the Kitchen Solvers team and supporting his growth will be an honor. To learn more about Kitchen Solvers of North Miami, click here.



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