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Introducing Geff Stopper, owner of Kitchen Solvers of Coastal Connecticut!

Owner of Kitchen Solvers of Connecticut

Kitchen Solvers is pleased to announce Geff Stopper, new owner of Kitchen Solvers of Coastal Connecticut. Geff brings a wealth of experience and passion to the franchise, and Kitchen Solvers is excited to have him as part of the family. 


Geff has a diverse background, with a foundation in Biology and Ecology, which has allowed him to cultivate skills such as quick learning, open-mindedness, creative problem solving, and attention to detail. Additionally, his involvement in the brewing industry and academic ventures has honed his ability to make important decisions and appreciate the value of a cohesive artistic composition. 

With his desire for agency, creativity, and flexibility in decision-making, Geff has chosen entrepreneurship as a path to align with his personal values and aspirations. He envisions building a business that embodies his principles, with a strong focus on creating value and seizing new opportunities in a relaxed yet persistent environment. 


When he’s not working, Geff enjoys making music. He’s mainly a bass player, but likes to create music in other ways too. He loves to create and learn new things. He’s also a father to two young sons and enjoys the awarding aspects parenting provides. 

Why Kitchen Solvers 

Geff’s journey to Kitchen Solvers was guided by his franchise consultant, who recognized the perfect fit for his strengths and interests. What stood out to Geff about Kitchen Solvers was not only the quality of products and the opportunity to design and build beautiful kitchens but also the warm culture and the kind-hearted people that make up this community. He was drawn to the access to expert consultants and the chance to be proud of his daily accomplishments, both in crafting kitchens and building a successful business.   

“There are a lot of reasons I chose Kitchen Solvers. A huge reason is that I want more agency than I have found in my roles working for other people. I find my work more rewarding when I get to make important decisions and the success of my work depends on those decisions.” – Geff Stopper, owner of Kitchen Solvers of Coastal Connecticut. 

As Geff embarks on this exciting venture with Kitchen Solvers of Coastal Connecticut, he looks forward to learning from and collaborating with the talented individuals within our network. Together, we anticipate building something truly exceptional, a business that reflects Geff’s dedication, expertise, and pride in every kitchen and every day.  

Please join us in welcoming Geff Stopper as the new owner of Kitchen Solvers of Coastal Connecticut. We can’t wait to see what the future holds under his capable leadership. To learn more about Kitchen Solvers of Coastal Connecticut, click here


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