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Introducing Toni ElKassis and Michel Labaki, new owners of Kitchen Solvers of Allentown, Pennsylvania!

Toni and Michel owners of Kitchen Solvers of Allentown


Kitchen Solvers is excited to announce Toni Elkassis and Michel Labaki as the new owners of Kitchen Solvers of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Toni and Michel come from very different backgrounds and are the perfect partners to bring the pleasant remodeling experience to Allentown, PA. Toni came from trading building materials and Michel is an international musician, addiction and music therapist, and certified yoga instructor. Both have dynamic personalities that join together in an ideal business partnership. Toni and Michel are looking forward to designing and installing beautiful kitchens and bathrooms in the Allentown and surrounding areas. The Kitchen Solvers Home Office Team has had way too much fun training this dynamic duo and we’re looking forward to sharing all of their future success stories. This team will be one to watch for on the Kitchen Solvers awards ceremonies! 



Toni has a background in trading building materials. He has a passion for helping people and making sure the client is always happy. He will do anything he can to make sure the process is a smooth one for the client, even if it means going the extra mile.  


Michel also has a passion for helping people, which he has been known for throughout his career. He is an addiction therapist, music therapist, certified yoga instructor, and an international musician. Michel has a passion for anything he does and if his mind is set on something, he will see it through. 


When they are not working, Toni enjoys hunting and soccer. Michel enjoys free diving, snowboarding, soccer, music, and hunting. They both also enjoy spending time with their families.   

Why Kitchen Solvers 

Michel and Toni have always had their own businesses, so it was natural for them to look into franchising when they were looking for a new opportunity. After doing a Google search, they stumbled upon Kitchen Solvers and found that the company had the same core values, like partnership, integrity, energy, respect, and innovation, as they did. The success story behind Kitchen Solvers (established in 1982), the number of franchisees, and the friendly and positive team environment was evident to Michel and Toni instantly. 

When asked what set Kitchen Solvers apart, Toni and Michel said “The solid structure and extreme organization as well as being open for innovation with a young and modern business mentality set Kitchen Solvers apart. On top of that, the quality of work and service and the fact that it feels like a FAMILY!” 

After Toni and Michel fell in love with the values and ethics of Kitchen Solvers, the rest was history! They believe they will be successful in this business because they are fun to work with and they are honest. They have perseverance and enjoy what they do. The Home Office Team could not agree more with them after experiencing their personalities for the 2-week training. As owners, Toni and Michel are most looking forward to being successful and building a reputable brand. They are excited to enjoy the remodeling experience and make homeowners extremely satisfied and happy.  

The Kitchen Solvers Home Office Team is excited to see what Kitchen Solvers of Allentown can accomplish. Their perseverance, passion, and drive will be a force that will lead them to success. They are a great team and fit in well with the rest of the Kitchen Solvers family!  

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