Kitchen Solvers Cabinet Refacing Franchise Featured in Yahoo! Homes Article

News site features kitchen remodeling franchise in article “Five bargain renovations that add value”

Kitchen Solvers has developed a strong brand following by helping homeowners achieve beautiful kitchen remodels despite tight budgets. So when Yahoo! Homes was putting together an article about inexpensive renovations that add a lot of value to the home, they turned to us for inspiration:

Kitchen Solvers YahooDo you have grand visions of gutting your dated kitchen, or maybe blowing out the bathroom walls to create a spa-like retreat? While major remodeling projects such as these can bring value to a home, budget-friendly projects can also deliver a fresh look – and real value for you and potential buyers.

“Something as simple as replacing the hardware in the kitchen can give you a whole new look,” says Paul Wyman, a regional vice president with the National Association of Realtors. Wyman is also an expert at determining if a remodeling project will add value to a home.

Curious which simple projects will give your home the most value? Keep reading to learn about a few affordable facelifts and bargain renovations that could boost your home’s value and add appeal.

Bargain Renovation #1: Reface Kitchen Cabinets

Would you believe that something as simple as replacing dated cabinetry doors could get you a higher return on investment than other major remodels? We didn’t either, until Remodeling Magazine’s 2011-2012 “Cost vs. Value Report” told us otherwise.

If the cabinets in your kitchen are well laid-out, sturdy, and plentiful but unappealing, refacing can be a cost-effective alternative to complete replacement. This process, which maintains the existing cabinetry’s frames and boxes but replaces the hardware and door and drawer fronts, can be just a quarter of the price of installing all-new cabinetry.

What does that look like in hard figures? Kitchen Solvers, a resurfacing company in La Crosse, Wisc., offers the example of a client paying $6,000 to install solid cherry doors on existing cabinetry, rather than shelling out $24,000 to install everything new. That sure sounds like a good savings to us.

Yahoo! reporter Amy Howell Hirt is referring to the story of Tom and Pat Falbo, a Minnesota couple who saved huge amounts of money by working with Kitchen Solvers franchisees Brian and Suzie Crowley. The Falbos were so impressed by their new kitchen that they returned to Kitchen Solvers for ideas about refacing cabinets in their basement, too.

We often get the chance to see the same customers more than once, and it always makes us smile when we know people loved our work enough to come back to us or recommend us to friends.

Kitchen Solvers has helped people achieve their dream kitchens for 30 years. Our nationwide franchise system enables owners to pool their buying power to get high-quality parts and materials for prices competitors can’t match.

We’ve also mastered the art of consultative sales, a critical but often neglected skill for remodelers. The process educates homeowners, puts them at ease, builds trust, leads to more sales and helps ensure customer satisfaction. We do full remodels, too, and our franchise owners have made solid profit margins on jobs ranging from just a few thousand up to $80,000.

To learn more about owning a Kitchen Solvers franchise, check out our research pages, then look at our blog to see what franchise owners and customers say about the business. Questions? Give us a call at 866-604-0002.




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