Kitchen Solvers Announces New President

Tom Miskowski and Zach Nolte

Kitchen Solvers, a 40-year-old kitchen remodeling franchise, announces Tom Miskowski as President.

Thursday, November 17, 2022 – La Crosse, Wisconsin – Kitchen Solvers, a 40-year-old kitchen remodeling franchise, has announced a newly appointed President, Tom Miskowski. Tom Miskowski, co-owner of Kitchen Solvers Franchise since 2010 will begin as active President of Kitchen Solvers in December, 2022. Tom has recently retired from Corporate America and is looking forward to transitioning from the mentorship, strategic leadership role he had filled in the past to a more day-to-day active role with the franchisees and Home Office team. 

Tom Miskowski, along with Wade Nolte purchased Kitchen Solvers in 2010. In the last 12+ years, his focus has been on leading Kitchen Solvers to the next level in both franchise support and development. Tom has an extensive and diverse career and educational background that has allowed him to mentor and lead the home office team and Kitchen Solvers into growth and development. He has spent his career as the President at Century Foods International. He was also the Chief Operating Officer for Cytosport/Muscle Milk. With his Bachelor of Arts in Business and Accounting and Master of Business Administration, along with extensive financial and operational experience, he has a passion for financial security, strategic growth, and installation efficiencies. 

Tom states, “I cannot imagine a better time for me to get more involved in the day-to-day with the franchise partners. We have built a strong team full of experience and skills to support and answer any franchise partner questions and I’m excited to take the franchise growth we’ve seen in the last few years to new levels.” 

Zach Nolte, President of Kitchen Solvers from 2017 – 2022, states “It was a hard decision to leave Kitchen Solvers, but I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, just like our franchise partners and I’m looking forward to starting something for myself. While it was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make, it made it easier for me knowing the Home Office Team is one of the strongest franchise teams I know and I know our franchise partners will be well taken care of. With Tom stepping into a more day-to-day role, I’m ecstatic for our franchise partners to have a mentor and leader available to learn and grow from. His experience and skillsets are unmatched, and I look forward to seeing how him and the team take the franchise support and development to the next level.” 

About Kitchen Solvers  

Kitchen Solvers has been building strong franchisee partnerships since 1984 and recognizes the value customers find in unmatched quality products and impeccable customer experience. We take pride in our Pleasant Remodeling Experience, which takes all of our home remodeling projects to the next level. Kitchen Solvers has had the pleasure of serving over 50,000 satisfied homeowners with full kitchen remodels bathroom makeovers, and cabinet refacing projects. The Kitchen Solvers hands-on approach to coaching and training has given each franchise partner and their employees trust, confidence, and integrity to provide remodeling services nationwide. Learn more about Kitchen Solvers Franchise at  


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