How Kitchen Solvers Can Transform Your Kitchen Remodeling Business

Vendor relationships allow franchised kitchen remodeling businesses to gain access to supplies, discounts

The kitchen remodeling business can be a tough game. There are tens of thousands of competitors nationwide, which tends to commoditize the market — encouraging consumers to pit one remodeler against another in an contractual game of “how low can you go?” Too often, the key to winning a job is to be the cheapest, but not necessarily the best. In that competitive environment, how has Kitchen Solvers been able to succeed for more than 30 years? We win that game three main ways: One, through our expertise at cabinet refacing, which can often save homeowners a lot of money while delivering a beautiful remodel and preserving profit margins for franchisees.

Dechert Sharpell says the buying power he enjoys as part of the Kitchen Solvers franchise gives him a competitive advantage.

Dechert Sharpell says the buying power he enjoys as part of the Kitchen Solvers franchise gives him a competitive advantage.

Two, by leveraging the buying and bargaining power of our 75 franchisees to get significant discounts on top-notch cabinetry, flooring, tile and other materials, which allows our franchise owners to offer high quality at competitive prices — whether a homeowner is looking for kitchen cabinet refacing or a complete redesign and remodel. “I use WalzCraft materials, which others cannot use because they can’t afford it,” says Dechert Sharpell, who owns the Kitchen Solvers in Kansas City. It’s one of the suppliers that offer steep discounts to our franchisees. Three, by not playing the “how low can you go” game in the first place. Kitchen Solvers goes out of its way to educate homeowners and provide them with honest guidance about their options so that they will get the best value out of their new kitchen, regardless of their budget. Maybe that means refacing some cabinets and replacing others. Maybe it means adding slide-out shelving to cabinets or building a new kitchen island that can function as a dining space. Everyone has a budget when it comes time to remodel their kitchen, but we think it’s important for franchisees to understand a customer’s desires and for a customer to understand their options before talking about numbers. Otherwise, it’s like setting a car-buying budget before you know whether you want a Chevy, a Toyota or a Mercedes. At the end of the day, we can handle all three. Our franchisees have handled $2,000 simple cabinet refacing jobs and $80,000 extensive remodels. If you’d like to learn more about Kitchen Solvers and how we support our franchisees, visit, visit our research pages and read our blog for Q&As with franchisees. There is also a form you can fill out to download a free franchise information report and start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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