How Kitchen Solvers Can Help an Existing Remodeling Business Grow

Diversify, tap into knowledge from other remodelers and use proven business systems to help grow your remodeling business

Russ Outsen expanded his existing remodeling business by purchasing a Kitchen Solvers franchise.

Russ Outsen expanded his existing remodeling business by purchasing a Kitchen Solvers franchise.


Russ Outsen was like a lot of contractors — he started his own business, got steady work during some parts of the year, then had to struggle through lean times. He specialized in decks, fences, patios and cement work for homeowners near Salt Lake City, but that worked dried up every winter. So he asked himself a simple question: How do I grow a remodeling business?

His solution was to diversify. Russ looked into several businesses and realized that kitchen remodeling would allow him to work year-round. He bought a Kitchen Solvers franchise to gain access to marketing support, business systems, training and vendor relationships that allowed him to access top cabinet lines without the need for his own showroom. “They are honest and old-fashioned,” he says. “I found out they had the best product out there. I just talked with them, and I found this one more professional than others.” Systems can help grow an existing business

Kitchen Solvers has been helping franchisees grow their businesses for three decades. A lot of those franchisees have been new to business ownership, but many others have been like Russ — general contractors who were looking for a new way to grow their revenue. Obviously, adding a new line of expertise, like kitchen remodeling, will expand the pool of customers you can serve, but by partnering with Kitchen Solvers, franchisees gain a whole lot more:

• Sales training: If you already own your own business, you may not think you need sales training. Maybe you’re right. But if you’re like a lot of the remodelers that we have outcompeted for decades, your sales process can be impersonal and even intimidating to customers who wind up making their hiring decisions based mainly on price. Remodelers, in turn, lowball their labor costs and trim their margins to win those customers. It doesn’t have to be that way. Kitchen Solvers trains franchisees on how to build relationships with customers and how to educate customers so they are in control of the remodeling process and can make decisions that deliver the best value, regardless of price. There’s a lot more to the sales process than getting a call, going out for an estimate and trying to win the contract. There are many intermediate steps that most of our competitors ignore or are unaware of, and those missing steps can transform the customer experience in ways that can cripple or boost a business.

schaffert• Business training: Do you know the key performance indicators for your remodeling business? Do you know what your average job ticket is, how many potential sales leads are flowing through your pipeline, what your profit margin is, what your break-even point is? Do you know what drives your performance and what changes you need to make to boost profits?

Kitchen Solvers trains its franchisees to track their business data and spot the trends driving their cashflow and profits. Russ says the training has enabled him to better operate both his Kitchen Solvers franchise and his general contracting business. Larry Schaffert, another Kitchen Solvers franchisee in Frederick, Md., echoes that statement. Schaffert started Schaffert Construction in 1989 and added a Kitchen Solvers franchise in 1998. He says the systems and training have been a big boost for both sides of his business. “It gives you a framework in which to better operate your business,” he says. • Marketing support: In the rush of doing estimates and completing jobs, marketing sometimes falls by the wayside. That’s unfortunate, because marketing — paired with customer referrals — is what keeps your phone ringing. Kitchen Solvers offers comprehensive marketing support, including a search engine-optimized web page featuring customer testimonials, and helps manage your online presence on Google Places and sites like

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