Getting Started with Your Kitchen Solvers Cabinetry Business

  Getting Started with Your Kitchen Solvers Cabinetry Business Since the great recession people across North America have been looking for ways to invest their capital and improve their family’s quality of life without having to launch themselves into a turbulent real estate marketplace. In the face of this tension between financial concern and a desire to invest and improve, many North American families have turned to kitchen remodeling as a way to galvanize their living spaces with useful investing. Families across the country have consistently displayed their desire to upgrade their kitchen living spaces, and Kitchen Solvers franchise owners have benefited greatly from this way of thinking, generating steady business that has led to predictable growth for business owners over time. Many people have begun to take notice of the continued successes of kitchen remodeling franchise owners, and have expressed an interest in joining the Kitchen Solvers francghise system in order to take part. Starting a business can certainly be a challenging endeavor.  Kitchen Solvers however takes great pride in providing program support, guidance, and coaching that reduces many of  risks.  Experience is not a prerequisite but having a passion for serving others and an unrelenting drive to succeed is.  To learn more about joing the Kitchen Solvers system as a new franchise owner read on.   1. Understanding Kitchen Solvers’ start-up costs Many long-time building industry workers looking to cross over into independent work as a kitchen franchise owner are pleasantly surprised by the amount of start-up capital required for entry into the Kitchen Solvers franchise system. Though Kitchen Solvers franchisees are given a much more affordable entry into the remodeling industry than independent entrepeneurial approaches, many complete industry newcomers still make the mistake of miscalculating and underestimating costs. Some people inexperienced with business management or contractor costs overlook the expense of tools and materials, as well as franchise and advertising fees.   To begin operating a franchise, in addition to the franchise feel, the Kitchen Solvers franchise development team recommends having between $40,000 and $60,000 in start-up capital.  Following you will find other cost related items that need consideration. –    Advertising costs. Generating qualified leads is critical to a successful launch.  And building the Kitchen Solvers brand consistently over time is a crucial part lead generation.  To accomplish this, Kitchen Solvers requires that a minimum of $15,000 be invested in local marketing and sdvertising. –    Franchise fee. The franchise fee for one terriorty of new owners is  $25,000.  Additional territories can be purchased at a negotiated cost. –    Tools. If you are fortunate enough to come from a construction background, you may be able to circumvent the need to invest in tools. However, if you are coming in from unrelated industries, purchasing the necessary tools  tools will be an additional investment. Your tools are a reflection of your professionalism, and also dictate the quality of the work you  provide, so they should be considered a crucial investment. If you hire an installation specialist or plan on using qualfied subcontractors, it is important they have the right tools as well.  Kitchen Solvers guide you on which tools through their supplies package. –    Training. Kitchen Solver provides two weeks of training.  One week is devoted to internal operations, i.e. customer relations management, business management, marketing, etc.  Week two is devoted to installation training.  Outside of travel and accommodations, training for the most part is included in start-up cost.   2. Training to become a remodeling master Once you have acquired your start-up capital, you must invest it in proper training to prepare you for the job. Kitchen Solvers training programs operate with an unprecendented level of quality and efficiency, which means you will be given all of the necessary skills in a short amount of time so that you can begin generating revenue as soon as possible. Accessing this training requires an investment of capital, but it is well worth the cost. Typical corporate training protocols extend for roughly one week. In addition to the two week training provided at the corporate headquarters, Kitchen Solvers also provides 8 weeks off-site pre-launch training.  Whether you come from a building or business background, Kitchen Solvers training can groom you into a competitive kitchen remodeling contractor ready to take advantage of a steadily-growing kitchen renovation market.


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