Checklist You Should Keep With You Buying A Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

Checklist You Should Keep With You Buying A Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

Kitchen Solvers Remodeling franchises are some of the most sought-after assets in the construction market. For starters, the industry is booming, and people are desperate to work their way into a vibrant market that promises considerable earning potential. In 2013, a Harvard University study concerning the growth of remodeling business anticipated a 13% increase in demand for speciality remodeling companies, offering empirical evidence for what owners have been saying anecdotally for years – that the remodeling business is unstoppable! Benefitting from a stable demand for their services that complement both realty movers and families looking to settle, Kitchen Solvers franchise owners are able to work as often as they would like, rejecting the idea of a fixed ceiling for potential earnings. Futhermore, Kitchen Solvers training programs are some of the best in the industry, equipping long-time contractors and stay-at-female entrepreneurs alike with competitive skill-sets that make satisfying the client an easy guarantee. The demand for Kitchen Solvers Franchise ownership is understandable when you factor in its inherent accessibility, as people from all walks of life are viable candidates for ownership so long as their attitude is right. As a franchise organization, Kitchen Solvers franchise owners benefit from the big-name branding, marketing, systems, and technology of the 30-plus year veteran company in exchange for reasonable royalties on completed projects. This means that Kitchen Solvers franchise owners benefit from great buying positions that would not be possible if they branched out on their own.

With so many benefits to Kitchen Solvers franchise ownership available to new entrees into the system, it is little wonder that demand for admittance to the corporate structure is booming. Before you make the move, consider the following checklist to learn some important must-haves prior to your entry into the Kitchen Solvers franchise system:

  • Am I a trustworthy person? You do not need a tool belt around your waist in order to earn anybody’s trust. That is to say, Kitchen Solvers‘ open membership candidacy model means that you do not need to come from a construction background, design career, or even a business vocation. Our industry-leading training program can equip you with all of these things, and at a high level! Many people are surprised to see “trade skills,” “design flair,” or “business acumen” omitted from these kinds of franchise ownership checklists, but the reality is that all of these skills can be learned. Attitudes and dispositions, however, are much more difficult to train into people. One of the main requirements of the Kitchen Solvers franchise is that you have a talent or at least an aptitude for acquiring people’s trust, and assuaging any of the concerns that may come their way. Since you are handling their kitchen, arguably the most important and representative room in their home, you will need a certain amount of trust from them before you start hacking apart their existing design. During the design phase, your suggestions and guidance must be trusted as well. Most importantly, before you can wear the Kitchen Solvers name, and count yourself a representative of our 30-year name, we must trust in you.
  •  Have I accumulated appropriate start-up capital? As a Kitchen Solvers franchisee, you will be fortunate enough to be able to sidestep a significant number of start-up costs. Kitchen Solvers franchisees benefit from industry-leading systems, technologies, marketing campaigns, and most importantly, a time-honored reputation that means your brand-building work is done for you. Though the savings here are considerable, all Kitchen Solvers start-ups do require a moderate investment. A $25,000 franchising fee will be required before you are eligible to call yourself a Kitchen Solver, but the costs of installation tools, vehicles, office equipment, and local marketing should be considered as well before the decision is made to buy.

Am I self-motivated? One of the great benefits of being a Kitchen Solvers Franchise owner is that you are able to schedule your own work periods, and take on as many or as few projects as you like at any given time. Though this aspect of business ownership is a luxury for driven individuals looking to smash through salary caps, it can be problematic for those accustomed to having their work day planned and booked for them. Some people can be tempted by the snooze button or the pull of a spontaneous vacation if they do not have somebody cracking the whip behind them at all times. If you are not motivated to schedule your own work, engage audiences with relevant local marketing, and direct your work team in the appropriate way, then being a Kitchen Solvers Franchise owner will not be right for you.


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