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The Steps to Becoming a Kitchen Solvers Franchise Owner

After you request information from Kitchen Solvers, Gerry Henley will get in touch or a personal interview so that you can ask questions and everyone can get to know one another.

The first step is an assessment performed using “Proven Match,” a questionnaire that helps assess your skills and personality. Think of it as an “eHarmony” for business — it is designed to make sure that you are likely to find happiness and success as a Kitchen Solvers franchisee.

Following the assessment is a review conversation. Gerry will assess your strengths and weaknesses, discuss ways that they might be overcome, and both parties will decide whether or not the business is a good fit.

The next step for potential franchisees is a review of franchise disclosure documents. Before a franchise agreement is signed, we ask franchisees to visit us at Kitchen Solvers headquarters in La Crosse, Wisc. There’s simply no replacement for a face-to-face meeting, and we want franchisees to know the people who will be helping them as they launch their business.

Before the launch, franchisees receive two months of training that covers the installation process, sales strategy, business accounting and customer relationship management.

Franchisees also receive customized coaching. Different people have different strengths. If you are great at sales and design, we might encourage you to hire installers and concentrate on the areas where you are most likely to help your business succeed. If you’re a talented installer who isn’t as good at sales, we may encourage you to hire a sales person.

Our goal is for each franchisee to have the tools that they need to succeed.

Franchisees receive a yearlong launch marketing plan that is designed to help them reach their initial customers. Once the franchise launches, an experienced installer is also available to help out on the first few jobs.

From that point forward, the team in La Crosse is just a phone call away. Gerry, Bill and Trey are eager to help franchisees grow their business. All you have to do is ask.

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