Confidential Questionnaire

The purpose of this Confidential Questionnaire is to provide general information to help evaluate your qualifications as a potential KitchenSolvers Franchisee. Please note that this is not an application. If you qualify and a mutual interest develops, we may request additional information. Please print or type the information requested in the boxes below. To advance to the next area where information is required, please select the "Tab" key. Once you have completed the information in this form please hit submit at the bottom and your completed form will be sent directly to us.

Personal Data
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Your Business Experience
Have you or your family members ever owned a business?
What attracts you to owning a business?
How long have you been looking for a business?
What have you looked at so far?
Why do you feel now is right time for you to start a business?
Do you plan to have any equity partners?
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Active in franchise?
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Active in franchise?
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Preliminary Financial Information
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How soon would you like to start your own business?
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Other Information
How will having your own business help you reach your business and personal goals?
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I certify that the information provided on this questionnaire is complete and accurate. It is understood that this is a preliminary application and does not bind any party to any obligation. We thank you for your interest in the KitchenSolvers franchise opportunity.
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