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Gerry Henley, President

Gerry Henley joined Kitchen Solvers after more than 35 years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry, and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Kitchen Solvers Support Center. In addition, Gerry serves as Director of Franchise Development and is responsible for bringing aspiring entrepreneurs into the franchise system. Gerry also oversees vendor relations and provides franchisees with sales coaching through our Platinum Sales Process.

“Say I have a challenge with a client in terms of trying to close a sale. I call Gerry and we talk about it. I’m constantly in touch with them on this stuff. They’re a heck of a resource.” — Dechert Sharpell, a franchisee in Kansas City.

Bill Weber, Kitchen Solvers VP of Marketing

Bill Weber, Marketing & Advertising

Bill Weber bas been with Kitchen Solvers for more than 18 years, and helps franchisees develop marketing strategies. He also manages and implements more than 30 individual marketing services that franchisees can tap in order to improve their business. He also researches conducts marketing and territory research for prospective franchisees.

The marketing manager, Bill Weber, he would do anything for you,” — Gary Schmidt, a franchisee in Marion, Iowa.

Trey Anderson, Operations Manager

Trey Anderson brings a unique mix of business and technical skills to the Kitchen Solvers team. With an IT background spanning more than 15 years, Trey has been instrumental in providing Kitchen Solvers with a wide range of technologies and business services.

“Trey has bailed me out of more computer problems than I care to mention.” — Art Mancino, a franchisee in Roswell, Georgia.

 Trey Anderson, Manager of Operations

Joanne DuCharme, Business Development Assistant

Joanne DuCharme brings over 20 years of customer service and sales experience to Kitchen Solvers. She understands the importance of providing franchisees with great service, and helping franchisees understand and respond to their customers. She helps franchisees with lead generation, prospect/customer management, and landing page customization.