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ksf-investment-detailsArea Representative Franchise

As part of our Area Representative Franchise, you will recruit, develop and service the

KITCHEN SOLVERS® Unit Franchises located inside your assigned trade area.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • developing unit franchises in your Trade Area;
  • providing pre-opening business advice, relevant experience and services;
  • assisting with unit franchised business openings;
  • inspecting unit franchised businesses;
  • providing training and assistance to the unit franchisees located in your Trade Area;
  • providing business advice and relevant experience to franchisee’s

Features & Benefits 

During the term of 10 year Franchise Agreement, we agree to:

  • Pay to you 50% of the net initial franchise fee we receive from a franchisee who signs a KITCHEN SOLVERS franchise agreement and opens a KITCHEN SOLVERS Business in your Trade Area.
  • Pay to you 50% of all continuing royalty fees received from any KITCHEN SOLVERS Business located in the Trade Area for services rendered by you to the KITCHEN SOLVERS Businesses.


  • Higher net worth individual
  • Senior executive business background
  • Experience owning or running a business helpful
  • Sales & Marketing experience helpful
  • Good people skills
  • The ability to follow a proven system
  • Focus on scaling a company, not a unit
  • Desire to build towards a future equity event

Please call or email to discuss available markets and cost associated with securing a territory.