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5 Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck on Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Projects


Kitchen and bath remodeling projects ought to be fun and rewarding for both the client and home improvement franchise owner, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Everybody seems to have a horror story about a fly-by-night contractor who stretched a week-long plan into months of dysfunctional living space, budget overflow, and headaches.   […]

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6 Things to Know Before Starting Your Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Project


In order for you to get the results you dreamed of, your kitchen and bath remodeling project must be planned carefully. At Kitchen Solvers, we know that planning is everything, but if you’re not working with one of our consultants, keep these 6 things in mind to keep yourself out of trouble!   Have a […]

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Fresh and Eco-Friendly Ideas for Refacing Kitchen Cabinets


People in the western world are becoming increasingly conscious of their relationship to the environment, and that’s good news for Kitchen Solvers franchisees. Though this concerns may seem unconnected to the bath and kitchen remodeling worlds, the truth is that this growing customer need falls in line with what the KSF cabinet refacing service can […]

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Should I Start a Refacing Business? Why Cabinet Refacing Makes Sense


If you’re considering entering into the home improvement sector, starting a refacing business with Kitchen Solvers is an excellent approach. What is a cabinet refacing business, anyway? First, a word on cabinet refacing itself. As the name implies, cabinet “refacing” businesses are all about giving their clients’ cabinetry a “new face,” without having to replace […]

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Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Franchise Tips: 4 Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid


For clients, the bath and kitchen remodeling process is alternately the most stressful and exciting endeavor that can be undertaken around the home. It’s not hard to see why; these are both functional, fundamental, and high-frequency rooms, and they can make or break the overall aesthetic of your home! And whether they’re trying to squeeze […]

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