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The Best Skills and Attitudes for a Home Improvement Franchise Owner

The Kitchen Solvers Franchise family has a great coaching system that allows people of virtually any background to be successful with their home improvement franchise. Our skill training includes:   Installation coaching. As a home improvement franchise owner, you’re going to be looked to as a renovation authority, even if your involvement is limited to […]

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Do I Have What It Takes to Start a Home Improvement Franchise

The bath and kitchen remodeling industry is booming as always, with analysts estimating its growth to be around $300 billion in 2016. The bath and kitchen market stayed strong through multiple recessions, and has allowed hundreds of Americans to realize their dreams of owning a successful business via the Kitchen Solvers system. Today, prospective business […]

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Why Would I Start a Cabinet Franchise in 2016?

  It’s 2016 and the world is overrun with technology of all shapes, sizes, and styles. To the uninformed, modern money seems to be in smartphones, tablets, and internet technology, so why would anyone get involved with a cabinet franchise in 2016?   In this post, the Kitchen Solvers team underlines the persistent profitability and […]

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4 Ways to Grow Your Refacing Business

  The remodeling industry has been stable and profitable through multiple recessions; any Kitchen Solvers franchisee will tell you that the refacing business is good. That said, there’s always more to be had; who in their right mind would ever turn down more business? In this article, we describe 4 tips for those looking to […]

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Why Join A Remodeling Franchise Industry Trends and Profitability Explained

The benefits of starting a business through an established franchise system are well established, but why choose a remodeling franchise? When most people think of opening a franchise, images of fast food drive-thrus and pizza places come to mind, but remodeling franchises gaining popularity as the market continues to thrive, even through multiple recessions. How […]

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